1.) Boards will be placed 27 feet apart from front edge of each board.

 2.) Teams consist of at least 2 players and all players have to stay for the whole tournament. If a team consists of more than 2, team can swap players in between games. Participants can only be on one team.

3.) Players have to stay behind the front edge of the board when throwing. If player goes past the front edge of the board the bag that was thrown will not count. 

4.) Players have to throw the bag underhand. If bag is thrown overhand the throw will not count. Must throw all 4 bags during turn and players will alternate throwing bags. 

5.) A coin toss or rock paper scissors will be conducted before each game to see which team starts throwing first. 

6.) Each game will go to at least 21 points. You can go over 21 points and not be penalized (no bust rule). Matches will be best 2 out of 3 games for pool play and finals. If a match goes to a 3rd game, that game will be played to 15 (except finals - game 3 of finals will be to 21). 

7.) Scoring will be 1 point for on the board and 3 points in the hole. This tournament will follow cancellation scoring. Example: If team A has 4 points on the board and team B has 3 points on the board. Team A will be awarded 1 point. 

8.) When a team scores points they start the next throwing sequence. 

9.) If a bag is thrown and hits the ground first allowing it to bounce up on the board this bag will not count. Bag will be removed from the board. 

10.) If there is a protest/discrepancy it will be up to the tournament coordinator to rule on the protest/discrepancy. The tournament coordinators ruling will be final.

League Partners:

UK HealthCare

West Sixth Brewing