In partnership with the Blue Grass Community Foundation, we're excited to introduce Kick for a Cause, a special charity program for our Summer 2019 Kickball leagues!


  1. At the start of our Summer 2019 kickball season, each team participating in our Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday night kickball leagues will select from one of hundreds of local charities with current profiles listed at Blue Grass Community Foundation's website.  This is the charity your team will be playing for!
  2. 10% of the proceeds (i.e. player fees) for each of the 3 kickball leagues will be contributed to the Lexington Sports & Social Charitable Fund, managed by Blue Grass Community Foundation.
  3. The charity designated by the championship team in each of our 3 summer leagues will receive the entirety of that 10% from that league as a direct grant from the Lexington Sports & Social Charitable Fund.
  4. Championship teams will celebrate their win and their gift with a giant check made out to their chosen charity in the amount equal to 10% of the proceeds from the league they participated in.
  5. Lexington Sports & Social Club writes an official check to that charity, from the Lexington Sports & Social Charitable Fund.
  6. Teams know that, win or lose, they are helping to give a back to the causes they care most about.


It's easy!  Just sign up for one of our summer season kickball leagues taking place at Jacobson Park!  We'll automatically contribute 10% of your league fee to the Lexington Sports & Social Charitable Fund, which will be donated to the charity designated by the championship team at the end of the season.  Once your team has selected a charity to play for at the start of the season, we'll display it on your team's page at our website.

Kickball - Tuesdays (Summer) Kickball - Tuesdays (Summer)

Kickball - Wednesdays (Summer) Kickball - Wednesdays (Summer)

Kickball - Thursdays (Summer) Kickball - Thursdays (Summer)


Email us at [email protected].

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