Official Trivia League Rules


This is our first-ever Trivia League!  Final rules may change between now and the first game.  We welcome feedback and suggestions, email us at [email protected].


  1. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players.
  2. There is no gender minimums on a team; they can be composed of any combination of men and women.
  3. All players must be registered with the League to play with the team. Unregistered substitutes are not permitted. Any team found to be playing with an unregistered player will forfeit the game.
  4. There is no minimum number of players required to qualify in a given match; a team can participate even if only 1 player from the roster shows up.  However, no more than 6 are permitted to play.
  5. No guests are permitted during the match.  All players present at a table for the team must be on the team's roster.
  6. Late Registration: a team may add players to the prior to the 3rd scheduled match provided the team captain approves with the league fee pro-rated for the remainder of the season. All players must be formally registered with the League and paid in full prior to playing.


  1. Each match typically takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours to complete.  There is no clock.
  2. Game location will vary from week-to-week, taking place at various bars according to Local Trivia Action's schedule.

Rules of Play

  1. All teams will abide by the rules of Local Trivia Action.  For more information about LTA, visit their website at
  2. Teams will be able to indicate the point value of each answer on the score sheet and answer sheet, which will be the points awarded if correct.  If incorrect, no points will be awarded for that score.
  3. Mobile devices may not be used to answer questions.  Any team found to be using a mobile device shall forfeit the match.


  1. A score sheet and answer book will be provided at the start of each game.
  2. Players are required to wear their League-provided t-shirt.  If more than one player on a team is not wearing their shirt, the team will lose 1 league point for that game.


  1. Each team present and in inform will be awarded 1 league point.  If any member is not in uniform (the t-shirt provided at the start of the league), that team will not receive this point.
  2. Each team will be matched with another team at each game.   The winner of that match will receive 2 league points in the league standings.  In the event of a tie, each team will receive 1 point.  If a team has a double header, then this will be counted as 2 separate matches with up to 4 points in play.
  3. The overall winner for all teams present (both LexSSC and non-LexSSC teams), as determined by Local Trivia Action, will receive a "top dog" bonus of 2 additional league points.  If a non-LexSSC team won overall, then no point will be awarded.
  4. League points are accumulated over the course of the regular season.


  1. Local Trivia Action's MC will be the official for the game.  A LexSSC official will also be present to assist with LexSSC-specific rules.


  1. All equipment, including score sheets and answer booklets are provided by Local Trivia Action and LexSSC.


  1. Any team found to be playing with a player not registered with the League or team shall forfeit the game.  Non-registered players, including guests, are not permitted at the team's table.

Cancelation Policy

  1. Our cancelation and make-up policy is explained our FAQ.

League Sponsors:

West Sixth Brewing

O'Neill's Irish Pub