*** Updated May 25, 2020 ***

Reopening / League Schedule Changes / Estimates:

We are currently relying state and local guidelines to determine when we are able to reopen.  Nothing is certain at this point, but this is our best guess on when we'll be able to start play on each sport:



No date has been yet established by the governor for reopening "high touch" sports.  However, since they are allowing practice to begin June 28, we're assuming that competitive play will be allowed in the following weeks.  This is our best guess as to how it will play out:

All current and upcoming leagues and events are paused

Dear Lexington Sports & Social Club community:
In response to the ongoing coronavirus health emergency and the shutdown of venues and other gathering places, here’s an update to our winter/spring league status and some temporary policy changes to help ensure we get through this.  This was a difficult decision to make, so please read in full for the full context.  If you have any questions or concerns, let us know.
ALL LEAGUES PAUSED OR POSTPONED UNTIL JUNE 1 (TENTATIVE).   We want to ensure the health and safety of players and staff, and to comply with city and state closures and CDC recommendations.  As we get closer to this date, we’ll continue to monitor public health and policy news; the postponement date could be extended again if necessary, so consider this date tentative.
NOTHING IS CANCELED, JUST POSTPONED - WE WILL PLAY!   As soon as it is safe to resume/start leagues, we 100% will play.  All of our venues are lined up, t-shirts are ordered, and staff & referees ready to go.  We’re just waiting to ensure the health and safety of players and to get the all-clear from our venues and government agencies.
CANCELATION POLICY CHANGE.  Until we have a firm reschedule date, we will be unable to consider any cancelations at this time.  This is a temporary measure due to the extraordinary situation we face.  I want to be honest about why this is, and ask for your patience and understanding:
  1. DON’T WORRY, WE’LL ONLY PLAY IF IT IS SAFE.  Some have expressed concern we might play while the health emergency is ongoing — rest assured, we won’t do that; we will only resume play once we can reasonably assure the health and safety of players and staff.  Once we do reschedule play, we’ll allow anyone who wants to withdraw to do so, in exchange for league credit.  So, if you’re still not comfortable with playing at that time, you can get a credit and play at a later date.
  2. THIS IS DIFFICULT BUSINESS CHALLENGE FOR US.  Like most small local businesses, Lexington Sports & Social Club has a limited ability to weather big setbacks like this.  Canceling everyone’s registrations for an entire season at once could force us to shut down permanently.  We’ve been here for ten years and want here be here for the next ten, so I ask for your patience and understanding on this temporary policy change.
  3. LET’S BE READY PLAY, RIGHT AWAY!  By keeping everyone registered and ready to go, we’ll be able to start playing as soon as we’re in the clear, without having to go through an additional 30-day+ registration period.  At the end of this emergency, most of us are going to be eager to get outside and play, hang out with our friends, connect with new people, and have a beer afterward.  We need everyone to sit tight and be ready to go as soon as we’re in the clear, rather than having to wait until June or July.  But we’ll get through it!
CANCELATION WINDOW.  Once we’re in the clear and have a firm resumption date, we’ll allow anyone who has registered for a spring league (or a winter basketball league) to withdraw in exchange for league credit.  So, if your schedule or other factors have changed as result of the postponement, or if you are still not comfortable with being around large groups of people at that time, we’ve got your covered, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on a future league.  Until then, we ask that you hold on while we all get through this unique challenge.  We’ll let you know as soon as an exact date is determined for this window.
REOPENED REGISTRATION.  We've reopened registration for teams and free agents for most leagues until we get closer to the date of play for each sport.
THANK YOU again for your business and ongoing support during these crazy times.  We look forward to seeing you out there again on the field, on the court, at the bowling alley, or in the bar soon!  Please email us with any questions.
Stay safe!
Karl Beisel
Founder & President
Lexington Sports & Social Club

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