Regular Season

Wednesday, October 11

ALL GAMES CANCELED.  Last night's rain has left standing water in multiple places on the field, with the grassy areas soaked as well.  We'll need to give the field another day to dry out.  Games will be made up October 18.

Wednesday, October 25

Balance Round.  Due to the odd number of teams in this league, the 1st place team will receive a bye (unless there is a make-up game) and guaranteed 1st seed in the playoffs.  Remaining teams will play similarly ranked opponent.

Idle Hour Park
6:30 PM @ Left
0 (F)
7:20 PM @ Left

PlayoffsBracket Bracket

Wednesday, November 15

ALL GAMES CANCELED TONIGHT.  Once again, the rain has left the field swamped with standing water, soft turf and mud.  I know this is disappointing to have yet another cancelation, and we want to get these games in as eagerly as everyone.  Due to Thanksgiving next week, these games will be rescheduled for the week after next on November 29.  I promise, we'll get these playoffs finished eventually!  I apologize for the inconvenience.

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